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Hire AI Staff In Your Realty

Imagine having more time for what truly matters – connecting with clients and closing deals. Our AI Assistants are here to streamline your customer service, sales & marketing so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Stop Doing Everything Yourself

Use AI Real Estate If...

You’re tired of missing out on leads because you can’t respond quickly enough

You’re overwhelmed by manually scheduling and managing appointments

You’re struggling to keep up with client follow-ups and nurture relationships effectively

You’re losing valuable time juggling social media interactions and property inquiries

AI Real Estate is like hiring a team that works 24/7. Hire your AI-powered employees and transform your real estate business

Ready to Transform with AI?

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate

Simplify Your Workflow

Our AI tools handle the repetitive tasks that take up your valuable time. From managing inquiries to scheduling appointments, our platform lets you focus on growing your business and building relationships.

Stay Ahead

In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead is crucial. By adopting AI technology, you show your commitment to efficiency and innovation. Don't get left behind – lead the market with cutting-edge tools.

Effortless Lead Nurturing

Our AI keeps potential clients engaged with smart follow-ups, guiding them through the sales process. This continuous engagement means higher conversion rates and more successful transactions.

Smart Messaging and Scheduling

Our platform uses advanced AI to instantly respond to client inquiries and handle your bookings. This means no more missed messages and a perfectly managed schedule. Enhance client satisfaction and reduce the risk of errors.

Sign Up To Our Waitlist

We are launching our platform in September 2024 at the New Zealand Real Estate Conference in Auckland. Please sign up to be the first to know when we launch.

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Automate & Integrate Your Business With

Solutions Simplified For All

Social Media AI



This package provides seamless integration of multiple social media channels into the High Level CRM. Automated responses to public comments ensure timely engagement, while private messages are managed to capture potential leads. Detailed analytics provide insights into engagement effectiveness.

  • Private Message Management (Website LiveChat, Facebook & Instagram)

  • Social Media Channel Integration

  • Automated Comment Responses for Facebook & Instagram

  • Use tags to categorize leads based on enquiry type (social media, viewing, appraisal).

Text SMS



This package is designed to streamline the process of handling viewing enquiries. The system automatically identifies the agent's brand, schedules viewing times, and provides necessary documentation links. It also captures essential contact information for follow-up.

  • All the features of the Social Media AI, PLUS:

  • SMS and WhatsApp AI Messaging

  • Engagement Analytics & Reporting

  • Viewing Enquiry Automation

  • Scheduling and Documentation

  • Contact Information Capture




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  • All the features of the Professional AI, PLUS:

  • AI Caller System Integration

  • Phone Call AI System to qualify new callers

  • Agent Brand Identification

  • Define custom fields for capturing agent brand, property details, and contact information.

I confirm that I want to receive content from AI Real Estate using any contact information I provide.

Hear From Our Clients

NZ Real Estate Conference

At the NZ Real Estate Conference, we strive to provide exceptional service and engaging outreach campaigns to our attendees. AI Real Estate has been instrumental in achieving this goal. The AI staff members efficiently managed our customer service, handling a high volume of inquiries with ease and professionalism. Additionally, their AI-driven outreach campaigns significantly boosted our engagement and attendance rates. The seamless integration and outstanding performance of AI Real Estate have made a lasting impact on our conference operations. We highly recommend AI Real Estate to any organization looking to enhance their customer service and outreach efforts.

Bay Islands Property

Since integrating AI Real Estate into our workflow, we have seen a significant improvement in our efficiency and client engagement. The AI-driven customer service is always prompt and professional, handling a multitude of inquiries without missing a beat. Our social media presence has never been stronger, thanks to the AI managing messages and interactions. The AI Appointment Settings and callers have streamlined our scheduling process, ensuring no opportunities are missed. AI Real Estate is an invaluable asset to our business, and I can't imagine going back to the old ways of managing tasks.

Be a Leader

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Join the forward-thinking agents who are leading the way with AI. Sign up now and be part of the movement transforming real estate in New Zealand. With our platform, the future of real estate is here.

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